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Reduce operating costs. Sun on the roof!

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Reduce operating costs. Sun on the

Commercial and Industry Solutions ong>Reduceong> ong>operatingong> ong>costsong>.ong>Sunong> on the roof! For a world worth living in.

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IBC SOLAR – a strong global partner for solar power

IBC SOLAR AG has been successful for more than 38 years and is amongst the leading international energy companies, which provide high-performance system solutions in every size and for every application with intelligent photovoltaic systems. The economic strength and financial independence is confirmed by globally recognised rating agencies.

Smart Systems for Solar Power thanks to perfectly matched components. More than 1,000 highly qualified partners around the world, as well as more than 4,700 megawatts of installed power and over 160,000 photovoltaic systems all underline the high level of expertise of IBC SOLAR.